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Informing School Improvement

How do we achieve positive and practical change in our school? We listen to what students, parents and school staff have to say. The Tell Them From Me Survey is a survey used for measuring student engagement, well-being, classroom climate, and other factors known to affect learning outcomes. Information is captured from students, parents and teachers to inform school policy and practice. This survey is anonymousvoluntary, and participants may skip any questions they are not comfortable answering. 

Room N4 will be open in the morning before school during Week 6 (Tuesday 6,Thursday 8 March) for parents who would like to use school computers to complete the survey. The Roseworth Child and Parenting Centre will also have a computer for parents to use to complete this survey until 22 March 2018.

This survey can be found by clicking on the following link:


All surveys are to be completed by 22 March 2018.