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Information Technology and E-Learning


At Roseworth Primary School we are committed to learning that embraces the use of Information Technology and E-Learning.  When we talk about Information Technology (IT) what we really mean is any form of technology that is used to create, store, exchange and use information. E-Learning is the application of IT across the breadth of the curriculum.   In our school IT takes the form of interactive smart boards, a variety of desktop, laptop and notebook computers and of course tablet technology.  Our school has embraced the ongoing changes in IT and in many ways we are a leader in the use of these technologies. 

Supporting the IT Program

Each year we budget a significant amount of money to keep our IT up to date and well maintained.  To support the IT program in our school your Parents and Citizen’s Association have just provided a $20 000 donation to add another 80 iPads to our schools IT program.  We also have strong support from Saint Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School which has been donating to us computers and laptops for many years.  All of our iMacs for example have come from Saint Mary’s.  This level of support has allowed Roseworth Primary School to provide your children with levels of IT that other schools only dream of.


Throughout our school we have a computer network system that allows every student to maintain an individual computer account and store work in a safe and secure environment. We have a computer lab in our library and in each wet area as well as classroom computers for staff and workstations for students.  All students must log in to the system with individual accounts and in this way we can provide a high level of security and monitor the use of the internet.  Our library system is also automated so that the use of library books and school resources is maintained in a digital environment.  We operate in both the Windows and Mac environment with some classrooms having both platforms in operation.

Tablet Technology

Roseworth Primary School is a leader in the use of tablet technology with the school making significant investments in iPad technology.  We have a 1-4 ratio iPad program operating in the school with iPads available in every classroom even including our 0-3 playgroup program.  iPads bring a world of exciting and innovative learning opportunities for our students.  The management of iPads is a major focus in the school and we have a strong focus on the appropriate use of these devices.  Students who do not follow school procedures for the care and use of iPads have their access restricted until they can prove that they are able to make appropriate use of this device.  Ipads operate in a wireless environment so any area of the school grounds support this technology.




Smartboard Technology

The school has invested heavily in interactive whiteboards with every classroom and learning area fitted with up to date smart board devices.  A smart board allows the teacher and students to interact on a touchpad screen, clone the display of computers and iPads and provides a vibrant and exciting medium in which to teach whole class or small group sessions.  Smartboards have so many uses and they bring the resources world wide web to the eyes, ears and fingers of our students.  Curriculum delivery is significantly enhanced by the use of smart board technology and your child has access these devices every day of school.

Wireless Environment

Our school operates in a wireless environment as well, meaning that our system can be accessed securely from any point on the school property.  This wirless connectivity is a part of the standard operating system of our school and is managed just like our wired network.  All devices that access our wireless network are subject to the same level of security as our desktop computers. The system has virus and spam scanners as well as content filters.  We take online security very serously at Roseworth Primary School.

ECU Fogarty Professional Learning Centre

Roseworth Primary School has access to a high-end technology centre with we call the ECU Fogarty Professional Learning Centre.  This takes the form of an observation classroom and video technology suite which allows us to film classroom teaching in high definition video and sound.  This centre is based next to our school library and is used for research, teacher self reflection and as a training facility for pre-service teachers and other professionals.  The ECU Fogarty Professional Learning Centre provides opportunities for the use of the advanced video-based technology in teaching and learning.

Roseworth Primary School and E-Learning

 It is our aim to provide an E-Learning environment which:

  • Supports students with an anywhere, anytime access to learning programs developed by their teachers,
  • Utilises a range of devices that can access this environment,
  • Develops students’ collaboration and communication skills in an online environment,
  • Connects teaching staff across the schools to enable collaboration and sharing of resources, teaching tools and programs,
  • Engages parents in the learning activities of their children and enables their ability to more readily communicate and collaborate with teachers,
  • Is monitored and safe in connecting staff, students and parents in a secure online environment.

Dr Stuart Shanker and Commissioner for Children and Youth Michelle Scott in the ECU Fogarty Professional Learning Centre


Want to Know More About IT and E-Learning at Roseworth?

Please talk to your child’s classroom teacher or school administration about any aspect of IT or E-Learning and they will me more than willing to answer any questions that you may have about Roseworth Primary School’s approach to this exciting facet of our school.