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Phys-Ed at Roseworth

The Phys-Ed program at Roseworth Primary School is an important feature of our school and Roseworth has a strong history of being a tough and competitive school in all aspects of sport.  Mr Jenner has been the mastermind of a phys-ed program that not only teaches students the skills of many sports but a program that strongly promtes particpation and fair play.  We are the proud recipients of many trophies for our performances in interschool sporting competitions ranging from Volleyball, cricket, basketball, football, soccer and cross country running.  Our students have the opportunitiy to gain valuable skills which not only supports their sporting prowess but in how to deal with challenges and particopate as a member of a team.  We love to win but we love to do our best even more!

One of the very exciting sporting events on the Roseworth Primary School calendar is the annual faction carnival.  The 2012 carnival was held on August 29th 2012 and the staff and students were treated to a beautiful fine day.  Our school has three factions, Acacia, Banksia, and Wisteria andstaff,  students and parents proudly support their factions by wearing faction T-Shirts and a variety of red, green and yellow outfits.  The factions are names after local plants which are present on our school property.

The day begins in the undercover area with a rousing speech from Mr Metcalf and Mr Jenner about doing your very best and trying hard for your team and then the action begins.  Our staff  all like to get very involved in the day and the photos prove that there is a fair bit of competition between staff members as to who can wear the most colourful costume on the day.

Our Phys-ed specialist, Mr Jenner runs a well organised carnival and everyone follows his direction throughout the day, with students, staff and parents all watching with interests as to how far Mr Jenner runs during the carnival.  In 2012 it was just less than 20 kilometres!

A highlight of each carnival is when the playgroup children get to have their race.  Most of the time they eventually make it over the finish line, but some end up in the crowd and others run the in the wrong direction.

Each year we present a trophy to the winning faction and to those students who win individual awards.  In 2012 Wisteria won the trophy for the best faction. We wonder who will win in 2013?  See if you remember any of these great images.