Welcome to Roseworth Primary School


At Roseworth Primary School we want our students to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to achieve their individual potential.  We want all of the students in our school to achieve the highest standards of learning possible so that they are equipped to deal effectively with the opportunities and challenges they encounter in a changing world. We want them to be enthusiastic about learning which will be provided in safe and supportive learning environments.

We are committed to ensuring that our students have every opportunity to demonstrate: 

  • a pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to achievement of potential;
  • self acceptance and respect of self;        
  • respect and concern for others and their rights;
  • social and civic responsibility; and     
  • environmental responsibility

We warmly welcome you to the Roseworth Primary School website and trust you enjoy learning more about our wonderful school.

        Louise Nielsen      
        Sue Brockman
      Deputy Principal
      Trish Lee
 Deputy Principal










Important Dates

P&C Meeting 2pm

18 October 2018

Yr 3-6 Spelling Bee @ Boyare PS

25 October 2018

Swimming Lessons

22 October 2018

Swimming Lessons

29 October 2018

Waste Free Lunch

30 October 2018

Count Us In 9am

1 November 2018

Outdoor Classroom Day

1 November 2018

Showcase Performance Choir

7 November 2018

Lunch Disco- Yr 6 Fundraiser

8 November 2018

Student Development Day

9 November 2018

What's Happening @ Roseworth

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City of Wanneroo E-Safety

, 19/07/2018

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, 01/05/2018

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Free Meningococcal Vaccines - Parents of children aged 1-4years

, 05/03/2018

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Tell Them From Me Survey

Informing School Improvement

, 05/03/2018