Roseworth Canteen operates five days a week. Students can pre order their lunch directly at the Canteen, located in the Undercover Area at 8.30am. The Canteen opens again during recess and lunch times to provide students the option to purchase other food and drink items.  There is always a great selection of healthy, homemade food and drinks on offer.

Canteen Menu Term 1 & Term 4

Canteen Menu Term 2 & Term 3


Canteen Manager: Jane Tairova

Roseworth Canteen follows the ‘Traffic Light System’. Devised by the W.A Health Services for all Government Schools to follow, it encourages students to make healthy choices when purchasing food from the canteen. All GREEN foods should be eaten often, AMBER foods can be eaten every now and then as a special treat and RED foods should be avoided as they are not considered healthy choices.

Roseworth Canteen is committed to offering your children fresh, healthy, well presented, low fat food. Our “hot food” is oven baked, not deep fried.

Jane always needs new volunteers to help prepare food and serve the students during the day. Usually just a few hours every now and again is all that she requires. No experience or qualifications are necessary, just a willingness to help.  If you would like to help Jane in the canteen or want more information about the canteen, please drop in to the canteen and say hello.