Roseworth Primary School is a very multi-cultural environment. The school has approximately 125 children who have English as their second language, who were born in up to 13 different countries. In total there are 33 different languages spoken by the children at Roseworth Primary School ranging from Arabic to Vietnamese.

While students with English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EAL/D) brings them a wealth of knowledge, understandings and values from their own culture to a classroom, they require additional support to assist them in developing Standard Australian English proficiency. Educators at Roseworth Primary School support and encourage children in their acquisition of English as an additional language through a wide range of strategies that foster high quality interactions and create a positive context for the development of language. The classroom environments are stable and engaging, allowing the children to have multiple opportunities for social interaction and co- learning opportunities. The children’s learning is supported by predictable routines and classroom systems with expected language.

One way of acknowledging the cultural diversity at Roseworth Primary School is through the Harmony Day celebrations each year. Regardless of cultural or linguistic backgrounds, the children and families of the school community promote the values of respect, equality, cultural diversity and a sense of belonging. The children are proud to show their cultural heritage through their participation in a Harmony Day assembly that acknowledges the diversity of the school population.