Aboriginal Education Officer

I have a varied role within the school, including teaching Noongar to our Kindy and Pre Primary classes, some in-class support across the school in every class throughout the year, supporting Mrs Dale with the Art Program, helping with Sport sessions, coordinating the Aboriginal Family Group and supporting our Aboriginal students and their families. A major highlight for me every year is our NAIDOC celebrations.

I really enjoyed working with some of the Aboriginal families as part of our engagement and relationship building activities within the Aboriginal Parent Group. You can see some of the fabulous art work, our kangaroos, up in the entrance to North Block.

This was completed mainly by the Anderson and Ishiguchi family members. These families put in a great effort to complete this big project to promote greater awareness of the Aboriginal culture throughout the school. We also put up “Kaya Wandjoo” signs on the wall of the library and PP1 as these are our major entrance points in the school. In 2018 we established contact with Wadjak with intent to develop formal partnership with Aboriginal Community Centre.