About Roseworth PS

We are committed to seeing every student learns successfully and works towards their potential. Our staff strive to achieve success and are focused on ways to improve. 

The school will regularly conduct a number of self-assessment processes, in relation to this plan, to ensure we are making progress in the areas we have identified as making the biggest difference to our students.

The three main questions we will be asking are:

  1. How are we performing in relation to the targets? (achievement)
  2. How do we know this? (evidence)
  3. What are we doing about it? (planning and refinement)


To build on your child’s academic, physical, creative, social and emotional potential; empowering them to contribute meaningfully as informed and responsible members of their community.


Be Reliable, Be Respectful, Be Responsible


Resilience, Persistence, Getting Along, Organisation, Confidence