Values Education

Sustainability – Wastewise/Waterwise

Roseworth PS is committed to maintaining the beautiful environment our students and staff are lucky to enjoy. Our aim is to ensure that we keep our school surroundings litter free and be pro-active in the reduction of landfill. We have adopted the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle theme as a basis for our initiatives across the school. This will benefit the wider community as well as having benefits for the school.

We intend to increase awareness of being Wastewise and Waterwise and promote active participation throughout the school by integrating environmental education into the school curriculum. This will be done in a number of curriculum areas and it is also a focus of the whole school Values Education Plan.

Initiatives that will be undertaken as part of the Wastewise / Waterwise School Plan include:

  • Conducting a Waste Audit
  • Develop a Wastewise / Waterwise Policy document
  • Conduct a Wastewise/Watersise Assembly to raise the awareness of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle theme
  • Roseworth to continue to be a part of the “Adopt a Bushland Program (City of Wanneroo initiative)
  • Share Wastewise / Waterwise information at Block Meetings and Staff Meetings to inform colleagues on curriculum links etc
  • Establish an area for classes to “Adopt a Garden” where each class (K-6) adopts a garden bed and prepares, plants and cares for the vegetables/flowers and utilises these in cross-curricular activities such as cooking. Investment of a sea container and laying a cement surround to house compost tumblers, garden tools etc and provide an appropriate area to plant seeds etc.
  • Establish Worm Farms near the garden area. Recycling food scraps to feed the worms. Worm wee will be utilised in the Garden Program and sold to raise money for our Cambodian Sister School
  • Assist in the promotion of Recycling Ring Pulls (Recycled to make wheelchairs by the Lions group)
  • Establish a Paper Recycling Program. Blue bins in each Block, Admin etc
  • Continue to operate the recycling of Ink Cartridges and Batteries. Storage boxes are kept in the Admin area.
  • Investigate initiatives re conserving water within the school. Student monitors for taps etc
  • Continue to promote the recycling of boxes, plastic bottles, straws etc for use in the Art Room and/or Science Room

YCDI – The Core Values of Roseworth Primary School

An important series of self reflection testing has been undertaken at Roseworth Primary School is the form of a Values Profiling Survey. This testing was undertaken to determine the strengths and weakness of our school population as measured against the Values in the Curriculum Framework.

These are:

  • A pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to achievement of potential
  • Self acceptance and respect of self
  • Respect and concern for others and their rights
  • Social and civic responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility

The testing highlighted that our students require additional assistance to develop their skills in social and civic responsibilities, in the pursuit of knowledge and in their commitment to achievement of potential. To address these focus areas, the school has implemented a whole school values program based on the You Can Do It program. This initiative promotes the development of confidence (academic, social,) persistence organisation, getting along, and, resilience amongst our students.

Each classroom teacher undertakes planned Values lessons during their teaching in which they explicitly teach the above skills. Integration of Values Education throughout the entire curriculum is implemented and special activities and rewards are offered to reinforce the messages taught. Whole-school activities are also undertaken to enable our students to work together to solve problems, promote teamwork and enjoy the opportunity to share successes with their peers.

Each year we hold a ‘Values Day’ to reinforce the messages that we teach in our classrooms and playground. Students are divided into small groups to work together throughout the day and practice our whole school values focus areas. Activities such as problem-solving construction tasks, skipping and sporting games, creative dance and movement activities fill the day.

Values Education is a very important faet of our school’s culture and leads to the creation of a safe and friendly school environment for our staff, parents and students.

Aussie Optimism

A move to adopt the Aussie Optimism Program (Terms 2&3) as one of our core Values Programs in 2019 will assist us to target specific strategies to meet students’ social-emotional needs as part of the Health program to explicitly teach students practical skills and strategies relating to their social and emotional wellbeing.